Saturday, July 9, 2011


The breadth before the vast astral
Installations of wherewithal
Broad expanse augments small
Gargled alkalis warble, trill
Echoic ruts necessitated infinitesimal
Ablution amongst six pensive thoughts
Washing back range, elongating baptismal scope the same

Ire knees dislodging passion
Cracks entwine crates broken form
To ward thinly askew inessential throngs of warmth
Drain the Castile’s synthetic film
Reeling in obfuscating charm
Rationale of suspending sense
From which true north shall be reassessed
Brow scowled in forlornness’ miscue
Subjections of infancy, in frivolities honor whine
When drinks shared with a stranger stagger still

Stride into a cover up; a masking agent
For air afoul, streaming rebirths second-hand
Resurrected showers reigning tastes from past
Antagonistic actions acid baths
Soon the vermin roam complete
Between the tongue and the cheek
Saturate the gum and teeth
Only resolve becomes expunge, spit

Crosshairs fragrant lure
Semicircles in the lair
Chiding envisioned concepts thrill
Stunning senses with it’s will
Emanations from wounds lanced and spun
Tapestries gauzed over protective shield
Guarding temple of bone erected from acts of skill
Broken frame roped and honed
Indigestion picks its zone
Shiver-shake the painful stare
Beads of perspiration ignite the hair
Zombie rebirth hallucination’s loss of limb
Wrapped and tenderized
Snaps and breaks fractured branch
Reset. Sting. Reset.
         Blackouts are inebriations kin
Wash the damage from the skin
Rinse the words spoke in sin
Repeat the prayer you’ve rehearsed
Puffy faced intuit
         Gargle. Spit.
Simple salve yet ignorant
         Minty fresh façade
Seconds fore the kiss of death


  1. whew...the fresh facade before the kiss of use words i have never even imagined and create wicked flowing pictures with joke...

  2. Oh the masks we where, different for many situations, yet similiar in some fashion. Also really like the last lines, great word play and the little bit of rhyming there just added more depth to the end of the piece.

  3. Brian, man I'm floored with you're compliments here. Really made my night, as I think you bring it each time with your writing. Truly honored that you enjoy my work.

  4. Pat, glad you liked the piece. The rhymes I threw in just for you. Yeah this whole thing started as a joke. I was out of toothpaste this morning, all I had was Scope. On the way to the grocery store I started playing around word association games in my mind, and yeah sometimes out loud. Luckily I always carry a pad and pen in the car, jotted down a bunch of ideas. When I got home just started writing it out, only a few of the car ideas made it in, kind of took its own course while writing it, but that's typically the way I write though, whatever comes out comes out. If I like it I post it, if not, well they go in the dungeon file:) Glad to see you stop by, look forward to your feedback