Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birds of Prey

All wisdom’s lost, flowing from toothless fountains, an avarice propeller, mixing oxygen with chlorinated solvency.  Failing the litmus test, our acidity meets apex.  All scars heal, the flesh of hoverers.  All souls covet prying eyes.  Attention focused is never ignored.  A power formation disguised in mixed atrocity.  Vile forgiveness of voyeuristic improprieties, specialize the contortion derived in zoological permanency.  Ramble you say.  Ramble I may. Intuit.  Basins brew.

Brightest spot, trickled thick
Lost in transit, freckled mystical fog,
Back door spackled lot
Arousing decimal position
As eagles forage the airy splay

Cadaverous, masks solemnly worn
Swigging provocation from tiny rattler tails
Rotate (x 9)
Dizzy lisp sparking lustrous orbital shine
Arousing percentage points
As vultures preamble above
Braiding power into gloves
Shave and cleave the victims disabling robe
Typecast as that guy.
The antagonist we loath yet love
Arousing division within the clan
As doves debase predication

Micro-fibrous tenets
Darken rooms and soften shells
Fluid mimicry
Of Faustian alchemy
As pterodactyls embrace the ground 


  1. dark and gritty imagery...i like that...rather forboding...like the format as well...and odd refs taht work well with it, faust, pterodachtyls...toothless mouthes...

  2. You really are amazing your work is so abstract and vivid and the language I know I say that every time but it blows me away. I love your style I wish I could write something like this

  3. Okay, sir...you've got to share the backstory to this one with me! Birds of prey, indeed. Strong language, stronger images, fierce write, friend! As doves debase predication...hmm, You know my mind won't rest now!

  4. Thanks to all, I really am glad you all seem to have really enjoyed this piece. This piece came to be primarily through because I happened to see a snake being snatched up by a weird looking bird while flipping channels. This got me thinking about fragility and how the term prey can be used for anything or anyone, and the definition is blurred, and consistently changes. The key to the piece for me is the dove inclusion, as the other 3 bird types can all be reckoned by mostly all as being/have being considered birds of prey, yet a dove is typically seen in opposite recognition. So this is the point where I flipped the whole idea of prey, sometimes you prey, sometimes you prey upon, the same can be said for the vulture, eagle and pterodactyl, where vultures are scavengers, feeding off the dead, perodactyl's were phased out through nature etc, and unfortunately eagles as stoic as they can be, man has done it's business upon them. The dove is pure, yet what is purity.

    Anyhow, that's the backstory and it can go on for much longer if desired, just lots to talk about, but I just figured to keep it at 4 birds and use it as a poem over a longer work. Again, really glad you all enjoyed the piece

  5. I love the darkness surrounding this piece, can see now how in portray's to your backstory too. Both were kind of posts in and off themselves haha.