Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lather.  Bounce

Available unconditionally

During drought or shower
Caressing skin, comforting
Warm rivers flow about
Immersing flesh
Exiling sin

Any place, any time, (minute, second or hour)
Long after the valve’s done dripped
Last beads trickling down
Swirling remnants of me
Circling the drain
Bye. Bye.
Former self.


  1. I love those last lines, if only you could wash the soul clean

  2. nice...easy to follow...transforming power of water...and maybe a little soap...smiles. like the remnants around the drain...

  3. Great word play, knew I'd like this one from the title..haha. Love the allusion to how one can wash away the reflection they see, if need be, just like germs.

    Oh and FYI anti-bactierrial soap is a crock to sell more, normal soap works just the same, for washing hands...haha

  4. Pat, Brian, Mindlovemisery thanks for the feedback, really glad you all enjoyed the piece. Yeah I love the whole baptismal/cleansing power imagery of water, Mind..Water is said to have soul cleansing power, I believe it does in it's own way too, unfortunately there isn't any direct measurement system, it's faith based. And Pat, I've heard that Anti-bacterial soap is a crock too. I couldn't tell you where or how it came up but I've heard that, kind of like aspirin, not sure if you all know this or not, but Excedrin for example will mark down special types of aspirin, one for migraine, one for tension, one for extra strength and so on, well I know the migraine and extra strength are exactly the same, I've read the labels and even asked a pharmacist who affirmed my investigation. Lots of stuff like that out there, thanks again I appreciate the comments