Monday, July 4, 2011


Auditory shields withdrawn
         Unveiling the perplexities of paradoxical revelry
As freedom chimes the chalice brim
With golden spoons and self-satisfactory grins
         On this day some time prior,
Atop this very soil independence alit desire
 Through violent means and refusing coils
A snake once tread was draped in silence

Entertaining the truce beset before
Pandering swiftly because and for
Sentient creations bright and biased
Mindful only to the severed silence
Accompanying the loops beneath
Underpinnings of dream and feast
Many still free to suffer
While the morally indigent smugly sit,
In fabrics befitting of fancied queens and kings
         Smirking their usurping smiles
Daring to outline those sins that assailed against
As they detail painful occurrence
Resulting from illicit trysts and fits
         And yet they suffer still,
As undigested beast and swine
Foully stutter beneath their belly lines
         Dousing gluttony’s grit
With each reddened chalice
         Tipped throughout periods of shortened time

Contrast this suffering
 To the scraps denied
         Those tables where true patriots dine
Happy to live and breath in a land that’s free
         Content to rest heads at night
Knowing love has blessed each of them
         That anything is possible
Despite the outstretched necks and noses snubbed
          Piling their plates with oppressive “love”
 As those stuffed tummies
         Bobble like gelatinous cubes
Amused by parlays wagered upon
         The distance made by children of a common man

Night terrors pass
As lightning affixes a midnight sky
Erupting pulsars
Loaded high
Where snakes stain the hands of children
Both rich and poor
Evading Bedouin tags
 Once reserved
For clouted men
In silken rags
And those defined
By poverty

As the tides shuffle in a darkened moon
The earth hides its vegetation under
Blankets of sleep
         Sounds of starlight whispers
         Take a bow
         As curtains retract
         Illuminating annualized Passion plays
All ills rescind
All sins forgiven
For but invariable lengths of minutes spent
On a hill
Or in the stands
Above the skyline
Looking out
Or in the company of many
Where outlooks are for the moment
 Overlooking oceans and seas
From far off lands caressed by sandy sheets
To elaborate palatial escapes in the east
                           Palettes shift
                           In shade and hue
                           Assumptions bleed well into
                           The extravagance blinding the sight of stars
                           As the orchestral movements carve their niche
                           All eyes become enriched
                                    From Presidents to hoodwinked fool
On this night, independence and hope comes alive for you


  1. You've certainly pointed out some of society's inequities.

  2. Wow that was just full of everything, from rhymes to great jabs at society as a whole. Sometimes not much difference between presidents and a hoodwinked fool any day. But yeah hope comes alive for one day, then you go back to the outreached necks and snubbed noses with your daily routine..haha

  3. Kim, thanks for the visit and for reading this piece. yeah I thought about doing something a bit different for Independence day this year. While we have much to celebrate as a country, there still is much to do, I just felt that some of these things shouldn't be ignored. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it:)

  4. Pat, you pretty much nailed the idea I was trying to get across. Thanks for visiting and reading this piece, I appreciate it:)

  5. The language was incredible in this! I very much admire your ability to look honestly and objectively at society and the government better than sugar-coating and you've done so in a very intelligent way.

  6. loved your diction, part cynical and part respect, for those who deserve it and those who dont.... least that was my take on it, haha. the beauty of poetry is that everyone will have a different feeling.... great piece overall!!
    hope you visit mine, I'll feel honored!

  7. mindlovemisery, thanks again for stopping by. Really appreciate the feedback, glad you enjoyed the piece. I do try to state my position, but I also try to put myself into the position of a character within a piece.. this is pretty straightforward a commentary piece though, which ties in with what you mentioned. Really glad I conveyed the ideas properly, thanks:)

  8. belladonna23, thanks for the visit, so glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks so much for the compliments. I will definitely visit your site, in a few moments, looking forward to it:)

  9. Random thoughts.. glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks for the visit:)