Thursday, July 28, 2011

1000 Buried Hearts

Another short one today.  Just something I started jotting down, like I do quite a bit of, most of which just goes to the dungeon, but other stuff I use and go forward with.  When I began to do that here, I said "You know what, I think it stands as is," so I left it be.  Probably could of added an extra stanza or two but sometimes you just choose not to, and that's okay too.

A thousand buried hearts
Longing for warmth

A thousand breaths expire
When we beat ourselves to frays

Looming cross the symmetry
Aligning with the cards
Magic water’s wading through
As dirt consumes the yard

A thousand buried hearts
Alive in rotting caves


  1. Yeah that one worked quite well as is, nice message too. Heart can long, but if you don't actually do anything, it just rots.

  2. nice...really like this...and the 10o0 hearts makes a great statement itself...and buried to find warmth or in rotting caves bot stand it...