Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Steam Billows

Slinking under wooden frame
Unto portico it came
Misty dripping beads transparent
Hovering gaseous chambers

To trace, rewind-
Up the steps, across the creaks
Unlatch the entry, ascending stairs
Passed the freshly anointed corridors
A source observed

Ocular paroxysm, seizing light
Lunette ensconced by thickened fog
Transfigured aura resembling night
Uncanny gaze affixed to smog

Blinded for but seconds long
Staved was not the fearsome song
Praying for the template back
As darkness lifts ere the scars attack

 I wrote this piece for Open Link night over at D'Verse.  Stop on over and enjoy a few pints of verse with the many talented writers & poets there.  While there step up to the mic' and share your words with the crowd.


  1. a little bit like poe. cool

  2. Great job shuffling up the rhymes, for the dVerse times. Another one today too, wow just look at you. Great combination of words as well. From what I hear those gaseous chambers can be hell. Stuck in rhyming mode, as this comment I unload..haha

  3. A very Interesting poem... I take it as someone who wishes they had a second chance

  4. Nice close-up view in your work.

  5. AKA Tom Eliot:

    This has every thing that i enjoy in a poem.

    So i ll stop typing and re read and appreciate.

  6. i kinda dig my scars...each one has a story you know...smiles....nice fluid motion through the first two stanzas...the third has some wicked play in it and the last is a nice landing...well done..

  7. loved this line especially:

    "Misty dripping beads transparent"

    just rolls off the tongue in a way that delighted me.