Monday, July 25, 2011

Throwing sheets in the wind

When faced in times of heavy wind,
Take a scrap of paper,
On it place a pen,
Scribe some words or phrases,
Uplifting, inspirations messages of motivation
Or simply complimentary distends

Hold the paper in your hand
Expand your arm beyond the head
Unclench those fingers that still are tight
Let the paper slip from your might

Watch the loose-leaf flutter by
Up towards clouds until it’s momentum dies
Picture as it falls to earth
It’s reentry watch it’s every worth
As you imagine it drift upon the concrete floor

See the shoes of he who shall read, that message you left for free.
Pretend this soul, now in receipt, is one that is in need, of the message you inscribed, upon the remnants of some ever-giving blessed tree.


  1. nice...i like the thought of releasing poems into the atmosphere to find the one that needs them...will read the rest this to get to work...

    you have been busy...4 in one day!

  2. That's a rather neat idea, but this day and age someone would probably read into it the wrong way, track you down and sue you..haha.

    He told me to be happy, enjoy life, take chances. I took his advice bungie jumped and broke my neck, all his fault, I want

    Don't know why my mind went there..hahaha

  3. the imagery is dynamic and vivid here,

    enjoyed the word flow on this,
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad to have you all for a visit. Glad you enjoyed the piece. Pat, I didn't even think of that angle, but you're pretty on the mark there, people sue over the stupidest things sometimes, probably then could extend this piece with a scene like you mentioned, perhaps adding some cynicism and humor into the feel good feel I was shooting for