Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Late Night Equations

Tenuously strung
From microscope to thumb
A tenuous string
From hemisphere to inner sphere

Radii to diametric split
The area is dessert
Multiplied by two
Times the distance to half the way there

A precipice
Cliff-hanging face of war
Megalon- a cockroach/beetle arthropod with drills for arms

Opal waves caress the shore
Until fire breathes once more

Jettison, are the subterranean pilgrimages
You’d grown accustomed to explore
Underground, beneath the plane
Shuffling picks and trays
Searching for antigoglin meanings
For the unbalancing act oft endured

Day to night
Night to day
As darkness falls
Skylights fade
For the idle man
Broken dreams
Tend to stay


  1. ok, love the second stanza,, and your math refs work through out...below the plane, nice....kinda somber end, does it all add up to that?

  2. Thanks Brian, Glad the math added up, lol Glad you enjoyed the piece, yeah probably a bit somber there at the end, maybe a little overpowering the essence of the piece, but yeah broken dreams do tend to stay broken when you don't do anything about it, unfortunately sometimes the idle man is that way for a reason. Thanks again for your feedback, it's invaluable to me, much appreciated

  3. haha oh harking back to my accounting day job with math..haha...megalon gave the Godzilla feeling away, had no idea until I read that line. But you're right can have great dreams but if you don't even do a thing, get stomped out like Godzilla stomped him.