Thursday, July 7, 2011


From an aura dark and grey
Shades and charcoal highlight the day
                  From cracks in the lining
                  Disavowing darkness in its light
                  Hedging fear with phosphorescent bright
Dagoba travelled to
Wandered swamp and wasted lands
In search of answers
         Seeking words,           
                  To follow the question’s point

Mentor, you were supposed to be
My guide, showing me what path to take
Where are you?
Why is it that you hide?
         Be it could, real not you be?

                           From vision to unfocused eye
Swinging blindly at specks in space
         Flailing wildly in this place
While my essence has grown externally
         Mature the senses have yet to reach
 I once was but a child
Attending to family and dreams
         But now
                  Tatooine means nothing to me
What once was I
         Has since drawn dry
                  Who I was supposed to be
                           Has since grown blind

When forces collide
To walk the sky
Boots of cloud
Secures ankle to thigh
A whole existence
Stranded upon a thousand burning stars
Too close to this sun
Feeling heat
The fall will be harsh
Forever scarring each and all

Caught up in adventure
I’m reminded daily
Of my lack of attention
Otherwise provide I could have
Offered protection
To the only ones
That had ever known
         Instead a whirlwind
         Commencing rage and war
Against prosperity of self
         Against the will
Numb it all goes
Numb it has grown
Malignance shall soon come
Thus shifting into a force of one
Praying to the darkest skies
A power so great will consume
         With mask removed
Into a reflection of what could have come
In this moment, I’ll declare
 A Jedi I once was


  1. ha. great write and well played refs to star wars through out...but also the story behind as well...if only our attentions were in right places...

  2. haha love the use of Star Wars in this piece. Really brought out the good and evil aspect of it. As even those with the best intentions can go down a dark path, if they don't open their eyes once in a while.

  3. Brian, Yeah had this stupid Star Wars line of thought all morning yesterday, don't get me wrong I've seen each film countless times each but when it comes to any idea just stuck in your head for a long time, best just go ahead and do something with it. At least this was a good thing swarming my mind, not like say some song you can't stand. Thanks for the visit and the feedback I appreciate it:)

  4. Pat, even as obvious as the references are I was wondering if I'd get some "say what" responses. Still may, glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback, as always I really appreciate them:)

  5. force and powerful make life full of energy and also full of dismay.
    beautiful poetry.

  6. Jingle, glad you enjoyed the poem. Yeah The force can do all of that and more:)