Saturday, July 16, 2011

She was a Society Girl

Sweater full of moistened canvas
Stuccoed despite apparent light bulb’s shine
Glowing still from embers hauled
Despite the light of Cupid’s torch, elated mirth soon doth falls 

In glass, trat she fears
Glossy straits comp laced with tears
As clocks conceal adjunct routes
To resurrection cove, she dreams about

Lounged back, cleft to tears
 Rejuvenated ampersands still in dread
O’er withered debate she so oft fed

While extensions shudder in their wait
 Bleeding time, rending haste
 For tides to turn the badgers heel
Into slippers forged in nostalgic reel

Strictly speaking to the lace concocts,
Sextants distance shall grow lost
In games, even purloiners grow weary from     
Where once recipes fresh and sweet
A maiden grows old and bleak
Without suitors to call or prey
She’s left faceless and afraid
As memories choose to fade


  1. sad be left alone as such...some fun along the way in this badgers to slippers...rejuvenated andpersands....

  2. Yep doesn't pay to be this way, may think you have everything in your grasp, but it won't last that way forever. Unless you get rich, then you'll always have some gold digger around..haha

  3. Brian & Pat, thanks for the consistent commenting, I get a good deal of traffic but the two of you guys are definitely tops in terms of feedback, I appreciate that. Glad you guys enjoy the work:)