Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am a demon,
In your eyes,
You see disgrace and shame

I am a demon
So your claim
The wildebeest needs to be tamed

I am a demon in your eyes
But through mine
My actions are justified

Killer           Protector
Hunter       Provider
Monster     Father
Plague       Brother
Demon       Son
As are you
                           You are a demon in my eyes
                           But through yours
You’re actions are justified  



  1. Great job with the comparision there at the end. So true too, all nutjobs have so called valid reasons for doing what they do, granted sane people do to, guess there is a thin line between the two.

  2. Thanks Pat, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. yeah I've come to believe that no matter how far fetched or deplorable someone's actions are: A. They can create a rationale for their behavior and B. Who are we to criticize.

    Interpretation of another persons based upon your own value system is probably not entirely fair. Yet, that said, there are those like you mention who have created validity in obvious cases where they are whacked.

    But yeah, there is a fine fine line between right and wrong, pleasure and pain and sanity and insanity.

    Thanks again for stopping in:)