Monday, July 25, 2011


“Whore-doors, is a double intender
You can eat it both ways if you like
Either with your hands or with a fork and knife”

He was so happy I could barely breathe
He thought their laughter was aimed at me
I hadn’t the heart to correct the pronunciation of his words
As this whole experience, to him, must be quite absurd

Yet when he said, “It’ll get better, so don’t get mad”
As the ruckus rose
Embarrassment for him, in me, grew
But there was nothing I could do
He was the celebrity
He was the reason for the night
If I corrected him on this stage
I’d be crueler than those who laugh
Thinking this is but an act.


  1. ohman...great scene...and humorous...i still might pull him aside before it got worse...

  2. Brian, yeah I don't really know what I would do personally. The whole thing kind of hit me like a lark. I see these people like this in situations here and there, often thinking how clueless they are and tried importing the old feeling one could get thinking that they're more important than they actually are thing in here too. Mainly though, as you stated this is pretty much a humor piece, glad you enjoyed it and got a laugh or two