Saturday, July 30, 2011

Curtain Call

Steady is the valance
Wrinkled are the drapes
The blind abstracts focus
As the outside retracts its call

Until curtains draw
 A stated shade
Reflects it all

Beyond the tint of shadows
Between the aged frame
There lays a pane
Tempered and alone

Steady is the valance
Glue above a fabric
Aching for repeal

Only as the light reenters vision
Will the settled dust reveal


  1. Well stated, never know what you can find and/or remember if you take the time to actually look.

  2. some fun internal rhyme and quick rhyme in this one...the dust, that gets me in trouble for not cleaning...

  3. Amazing Fred the third stanza is my favorite but all the stanzas are gorgeous

  4. Pat, you're absolutely right, keeping the eyes open is the best way to see

    Brian, thanks, glad you enjoyed the piece, dust gets us all in trouble here and there lol

    Mind...Really glad you enjoyed the piece, thanks for the feedback