Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Hour

Frisked without asking
Smokescreen sealed
Kisses fake yet very real
Anxiety from a game
         Trifecta, terrible still,
At least some things don’t change, never will
Next rounds on me
Get prepared,
As after this we’ll flag a yellow down,
Perhaps stop down the street
From some well earned grits and grease

Video crack taking coins
Those two in the corner
         They’ve been staring keen
Quietly you talk close to me
As the audibility of decibels
Is best said underneath the token sounds
Whispering the one looks young
And the other may look like fun
But knowing you, perchance would filter soon,
And she’d just be the latest regret you’d found
Another shot, just one more
If things don’t change we’ll be out the door

Two hours since
Tabs been cinched
Yet still whining with the pinch
Eyes peer closer, with inhibitions severed
A friendly night out, pandering their wares
Still prepared to act without a care
And while stationed at the bar,
Widescreen view, I can see it all
Quietly laughing unnoticed upon my stool
Remember now do I
Why these friendships from school had died
But for a reprieve
         Every now and then
A few pints and some ego-stroking grins
 Enough to stir smiles to the head
Never forgetting the heart’s never left,
The angel, back at home in bed,
The angel with her daughters face

Well Wasn't going to write anything else today,
But seeing D'verse had a pre-party
I thought it be but fitting in and of itself
To grab a pint, with some poetic buds, myself
Drop a quarter into the juke
Suck back a few, heck maybe till I puke
So perhaps not my best, but sure there's been worse
Kind of like late nights that come unrehearsed,
If at first you don't like,
Have a few more than let me know,
Perhaps you'll then be good to go
Throw caution to the wind, concerned for naught
If tomorrow's dressed in a D'verse pre-party hangover plot 

Thanks Guys & Gals, look forward to all that comes with D'verse, should be lots of fun:)


  1. Yay! You made it :) So glad you joined us with this lovely little write...reminds me of the high school reunion...wait, I didn't go! It reminds me of the reasons I didn't! lol This will be lots of fun, as we take the world hostage with our words (and a nice and heavy soundtrack!) Liked it, loved it! I'm raising my dVerse and YOU! Cheers :)

  2. ha. we have mops if it gets that far fred...smiles. lol, maybe we will do hang over poems as a prompt one day...

    you put us right there though in the pub...i would expect nothing less though...

  3. Yes as Brian said you really took us right there. Great visuals you created with your words. I wasn't going to post today either, guess the dVerse made us both play..haha

  4. Cheers and nice to meet you ~

  5. glad you popped in for a pint and shared your put us right there...and honestly.. i have a bit of a hang-over from last night's party..smiles

  6. Glad you all stopped by, had fun with ya'll at the pub last night, lots to look forward to, thanks for putting it together, should be a blast:)

  7. "As the audibility of decibels
    Is best said underneath the token sounds " I love this line and this whole poem amazing Fred, you've created such atmosphere I was totally drawn in!

  8. Mindlovemisery, glad you enjoyed the poem, bit of a relaxed piece, you should come by to D'verse poets pub and hang out, Brian and Claudia and others started the site and it officially launches on Tuesday, where poetry is shared and from what I'm hearing they'll be lots more as well, thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy reading your work and getting feedback from you:)

  9. Made me feel nostalgic for days when I used to go to the pub with my friends on Friday nights. The noise, the talk, the drinks don't stop till someone's not walking straight, the smokey smells that hang on the clothes after that. I don't know if I can go back to that, might not be fun anymore, but it was fun then.

  10. Ravenblack, thanks for stopping by, I remember those days very well myself, and I'm sure I wouldn't be up to going through it again. One of those fun while at lasted moments. In addition as we age we grow a bit more mature, that's not to say fun is eternally linked to immaturity, it's just, I feel, that our definitions of what's fun vs. what's important to us differs depending upon our experience & places in life. Glad you enjoyed the poem, I look forward to sharing more and reading yours and others at the pub or at the blogsites, thanks again:)

  11. Fred, I enjoyed your images and narrative. Reminds me of a few experiences...

  12. Randall, thanks for visiting, I appreciate your stopping by, glad you enjoyed the piece