Monday, July 25, 2011

Panoramic Elocution

Reinforcements are on the way, yet the same song continues to play.
Inebriating waves of air shuck responsibility as they strut their ware.
Condescending tones of tenderness interceded by sleeping spells.

Sweat beads atop-

Helplessly falling from brow to cheek
As perpetrators haggle coordinates from their assignation points
While saunas multiply in microwave memory
Emitting a purely tectonic discipline
A vertex of revisionist wanderlust
Sauntering through providence
On a road to treble’s trellis high
Gambling life and limit
Essential to safeguard against
Vagaries augmentative whims of erratic flair

Panoramas elocution
Allocating panoramic sense of call
All for naught
Not for all



  1. Love the last two lines rifting on the three musteers call..haha. Actually re-reading it, it all kinds of rifts on them. Or maybe that's just what I thought of at the end and applied it..haha

  2. This is so rich with language and I love the way it reads. Fantastic job as always Fred I am in total in awe of the way you use language

  3. Pat glad you caught the references, didn't want to be so straight forward about it at the end there but thought the rest would get overlooked if I didn't. Mind... Always love to hear such wonderful compliments, I'm truly honored that you enjoy the write