Thursday, July 14, 2011


If the strings to short
Extend the chord to make it long
         When a heart is torn
         A survivor’s returns     
         Stronger than it was before

Free radicals
Rapidly destabilize-
Frenetic copulation
Generating many more

         Revert to habits lost yet bold
                  Relapse to actions undesirable
         Unorthodoxy filling plates
         To devalue what’s been great
         To diminish, divert and deviate
         The pieces that make you this way
         To take away, detractors
                  Rejects heretical
                           Reactive ruination of the piece
                                    Blind attacks upon the cherished face
                           Cynical rebuts, breaking molds with each tirade
Rebel, rebel
         Last single of the dance
                  A revolt against stylistic stance
                           A Bowie knife-
Into the hierarchy of a conformed romance

To be like lambs
I could follow with a reference to slaughter
Which would be suspected, perhaps expected
But then I’d be the same as many
Lost in a realm of less than plenty
Compromising my position
To allow the confines sealed for the countless more
Instead I’ll permit my thoughts to graze
In the open pastures of free range
Bucking trends, if so be seen,
Elkono + Klas+ Tes, an agent Noun, of change, which I’ve yet to determine if I’m so inclined, to allow a definition to occupy, the meaning of what I believe to be.


  1. Have to point out once again how you place those little rhymes in there perfectly. And so very true, surivors do come back stronger than before, at least most of the time.

    "Elkono + Klas+ Tes" stumped me though

  2. haha love that last little bit where you break with convention...which plays well to your verse...

  3. I love this poem. Free Radicals...haven't heard that terms used in quite a while. Knowledge you have sir that dwells in the minds of few. A free thinker you are. Great poem.

  4. Pat, thanks for the visit, anytime you drop compliments about rhyme, well honored the recipient should become. Really appreciate the compliment and that you enjoy the piece. The elkono... is the etymological breakdown of Iconclast, whose roots are based on these three greek words or so I've read. thanks again

  5. Brian, thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed the piece, yeah I thought it a nice touch to break free from the confines I had just set up. It seems I always have to throw that one last line in there, just in my nature I guess, sometimes I throw them out, sometimes I keep them, in which case sometimes they work, while others not so much. I agree on this one, I too like the touch it plays on the overall piece. Thanks again

  6. Randy, thanks so much for your support. Really glad you're enjoying my poetry. Can't thank you enough for the twitter shout-outs either, I really appreciate it. You should look into the community angle, your work is good and I know you'd like more to stop by your site. Just check the columns on my site for some of them, there's many more and on the 19th I believe d'verse poets pub opens up, all these sites are on twitter as well, I think you'd like them. Again thanks so much for the visits and shout outs

  7. Great poem. I love the rhythm and rhyming schemes here. I particularly like the beginning of the last stanza, and the way you structured the previous ones. Awesome! I'm looking forward to poking around your blog and reading more.

  8. Stephen, really glad you enjoyed the poem as well as the site. Anytime compliments come from talented poets like yourself it makes my day that much better. Thanks for the visit

  9. You never cease to impress me your work is so intelligent, so rich in vocabulary, and the rhymes are spot on your brilliant!

  10. Mindlovemisery, thanks for the comments, your compliments definitely fall into that category I mentioned above, where a talented poet enjoys and compliments your work it really does make the day better. Really, Really glad you like what you've been reading here:)