Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sickly since placenta touches air
Membranes crumbled before cracked

Adversity to one’s situations
Thickens skin
Surprise dins
Strength creeps through
Like Hurt on table
A new form punching through
Alien to surroundings strummed
         Providing shelter
                  As body rests prone upon plated glass
                           And flesh shades to tungsten fast

Sickly since birth I’ve been
         Pockets filled with albuterol and epinephrine
                   Walking through worlds of evolving allergens
And Hospitals, a vacation home of sorts

Episodic transgressions dwindle
As age inches and immunizations strengthen bronchi
Not gone, just asleep

But what is attractive to all
Is attractive to some
And so herniated discs squeezed into place
All from a common fall,
That easily could’ve happened to each and all
Without fracture, without scowl
Perhaps a bruised ego and a laugh to muster over

Agonizing aches, tears the shape
Popping pills to reduce the fate
Numb, for short sets,
Not gone, just asleep
Until the pullback reveals quakes and space
Another answer remedied
By perk and set
 But you learn to deal; you learn to deal with it all
Perhaps not well, but better still

Physicality tears, each peck and page
Crunching spirit cold,
         Into melancholic balls of scrap and twine
Reducing wear upon tracks sublime
Wondering how long is the road back
Is trying part of the antidote
Or just another
 Conspirator to the crime

You’d think, after overcoming the first act, persevering through the second, that the third, being but of mind alone, that denouement would have by now been known; would have seams tied and direction sewn.
         But, alas… 
I guess we’ll just have to wait see


  1. Your writing is so rich and remarkable. You have an incredible vocabulary. My husband suffers chronic pain too he's got 3 herniated disks at a any given time, 2 types of Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, his atlas which should not move rotates and lodges in his skull sometimes, and his joints are all hyper mobile so nothing every stays in place you should see how far his head rotates its like the exorcist. He also has chronic migraines. Meds don't touch his pain. I really wish you the best and good health!

  2. Mindlovemisery, really glad you enjoy my poetry. Thanks for sharing about your husband, I feel for him, know somewhat of what he's going through, thankfully I don't have the scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis, at least I don't think I do, but my back and neck are all messed up from an accident I had at work a few years ago, really changed things for me, not in a good way either. I'm sure he already has tried this but I've a few friends with severe migraines and they all take something called topermate or something like that and they all say it helps, anyhow thought I'd pass along. Hope things turn around for him. I really appreciate the support and well wishes, it means a lot:)