Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corrosive Tokens of Bi-focalized Pleas

Bending time
Through rhythmic clamping
Amongst coals and boiler plates
Bead-like bands of sweat and sand
Tiny droplets suckling nests
Freckles upon the parapet

Veined-Deboned-Dorsal tokens
Bursts of micro-puncture
Wakes pleated clean

A descent into serial
Magic stars and fibrous bars
Colors, shapes, pellets, charms
Drowning slowly beneath the seeping
Cartons dated out its day
Whipped with toppings meant for after late
Chains form from binary
Codes mistakenly shown
Not sufficient for breach itself
But the fact of cognition twists the pipes towards lakes of loosened lips
         A perpendicularity of appearance
         Ranges applause from the wielder of the killing crutch
         Been so long since
         Been such a long time
                  Elder statesman drool inflicts
                  Incitement from the parroting bobble-heads amidst
What to do…
                  Run away until the random calms
                  Perhaps set up shop in a non-branded land
                  One with flowers, lots of flowers
Oh, you’re allergic…
                                    You want to stand and fend.
Not a great idea, noble but fatal I do suspect…
You’ve led a long existence,
Should that mean it should end in this place and field?
Well… I’ll be damned…
         You are steadfast in your opposing the well-fed man,
In that case I propose you do what’s never failed,
         You should pretend ignorance,
And yes, sprinkling in some imbecilic taunts of id engraved,
The fool shall fall prey
         When a mirror comes his way
Forget all you know
Forget it fast
Wipe clean your midnight mask
Else suffer the relics,
                  To which, sanity holds no harp
That is, if such a case should come to be,
         But as it stands, I never met you’re like
And you, well, you are but a dimly fitted passerby
Who happed a chance of secretive marks and dye,
         The crutch will surely wilt
In beds of soil built upon serial strings of collusions’ milky beads

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