Friday, July 29, 2011


Arise, as cock screams long
Early morning, break of dawn
Peruse the remnants through
Of last nights fateful muse

Drain the toxins from their storage keep
Forage cupboards, sustenance to seek
Fiber, protein, points before
White paste chalk taste scored
Away from tongue
In a daze the day’s begun

Zombie feet take you there
Atrophy still unaware
Of things still the way they were last eve
Silken chambers swaddled sleeves
Oh, what a wicked web we weave


  1. Oh and what a web you weave with this one. Some really great word choices like Zombie feet..such an image that brings..haha. Oh at first I half expected it to be in the form of a spider web too..haha

  2. Thanks Pat, glad you enjoyed it, it's funny that you mentioned that, the thought did cross my mind but then figured why bother blogger would screw it up lol thanks again

  3. This is awesome Fred, I love the imagery you've really captured those early mornings. It's morning for me now I just had kefir and muesli and now I am having a cup of Genmaicha. I feel every bit like a zombie too

  4. Mind, I'm going to have to find out what kefir and Genmaicha is, never have heard of those, muesli I've had many times, in fact I picked up a box the other day. Thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed the poem, thanks again