Monday, July 11, 2011

Mechanical Claws and Guillotines

Chasing the mechanical claw
Into cabanas, run to strip
Outfits clipped before the Tiki flame
         Discovering hanging nails
Feel no pain

         Fragile dichotomist
Blending thick
                  The rationale of a slouching pessimist
Into the frothing arms of hope rustlers- dribbling along, hair slicked back as they pass along, equipped with antenna high, enough to catch the temperaments wide

Vanity is proclaimed
Acclimated as order
Shown the seams
Bathed with justice’s daughter
         Knock on door makes a hollow sound
Hollow flavor once more, even though the scene couldn’t be more clarified
         Just in case foreign fingers flick knuckles into
Rat-a-tat-tat, rapping again and again..
         Shut up I swear I’ll kill you…
Arresting looks received
Eyes start drifting
She better not reach for the buckle
Better not kick the shoes on

Five fellows dined on a meat-filled donut
To which they exposed their innards out
Created mass discombobulated screams

Slopes of downy flakes
Frosting up the arterial landscape
Rubbing palms together
For warmth
Then use that heat
To wipe away the fogged window space

Buckle up
         A job well done
                                                      Rolling eyes
Toss a coin
         To the sentinel by the door
A timid fringe look upon the scowling upper lip
         Twip twip…peacock’s got some plumes
Kick up those spurs
         Clink clink…
Looks they come but I don’t care
         I’m rocking away in old justice’s chair
All darn night if I choose
Not a law around here I can’t abuse

Broken staccato
Encumbered legume
Lying fleshed
Provoking enjambments
Hardly created for purposes of this ilk
Guillotines, HA,
Sharp blades to necks
HA, Guillotines
Poached remnants
Of puffy lips

Chasing the mechanical claw
Sometimes leads you to the bull in the center of the bar
Some days you’ll find justice saves
         And others…
You’ll find not to piss justice’s daughter off
Roped into a corner
By men with dollar sense in their eyes
         “Would it make a difference, any at all, if I blamed it on the man outside the stall?”
         Arms held by each the companions’ swift marching feet
         So fast in fact the floor beneath
         Became but grazed by the tips of my feet
Into a room,
So decadent and dark
Through the seventies beads used for a door
         And their stands old Justice with a glass and a cigar
“I don’t suppose that’s water there in that glass?”  trying my best to speak in a similar accent
         Notched his brow and tipped his brim
                  Never once connecting Vis a Vis to dear old me
But I Knew, once he said, “Clear the room” that the outlook for me would be mighty grim.
         Then he spoke but one more time as his daughter waltzed through the opposite side, dragging something behind her back,
         “DISASSEMBLY” Justice sharked out again, just one word in a tone that couldn’t be proper for a man of law
         Wriggle, jiggle, tossing about, yet I couldn’t elude the grunts holding my arms
And at this point the glowing daughter embraced my face, was but a little bit ago-sure she could taste her taste, but even so…
         She yanked at the rope that she dragged tow,
Berated sure, but I’ve got tough skin,
         Confidence in the system beamed from within
Lawmen won’t do what dangerous folk think to do
That’s when the confidence drained, as the daughter’s gift
Came to be saw, to which all could be said “ Guillotine, ha, ha, ha”


  1. Wow all kinds of references and allusions in this one. You really went aboard the law. Loved it, "rocking away in old Justice's chair' was a great line. There always has been and always will be a different law for different people, as some just think they can get away with anything and with enough money they usually do, sad but true. Maybe they should just be thrown under the "Gullotine, ha, ha, ha"...haha, great ending line!

  2. dude, i almost threw up at the meat filled donut...entrails...damn...vivid for sure...guillotine....

  3. Pat, yeah this one's kind of all over the place. Glad you enjoyed it. What you say is true. Really hesitated for a bit about putting this one up on Poetry Potluck, mainly because of it's length and although there's definitely structure to it, the casual reader or heck many readers may see it as being all over the place, which it is, but I think I tied it back together pretty well. Glad you got a chance to go through this piece. thanks again

  4. Brian, lol. That part really has virtually no purpose in this poem, but I started flowing in one stream there and I just wanted something to fit into the style of the remainder of the piece but I wanted it shocking enough to jolt the system a bit, was suppose to have some lines underneath it, as with the breckenridge section, but for whatever reason blogger didn't publish it and I'm too lazy to go back in and try it again, lol.. Guess the disruption worked there, sorry about any discomfort there, hopefully it was a good lunch at least, lol Glad you enjoyed the post. thanks again for the visit