Sunday, July 10, 2011

Streets of Dawn

I love the emptiness found on the streets of dawn
I love the solidarity of sound in mind
Crisper awakenings, cold and yet to thaw
No stares surrounding
Nothing to overcome or defend position/place

With dew still fresh promise has yet to beget scorn
Scowling pores have yet to swim upon clogging stench
Perspiration of densest precepts confounding
Breaking judgmental genes and its derogatory blight of spine
Alone and wandering
Bread broken with pigeons prior to morning flight
No psychoanalysis only tar’s silence, born from the fault of ash

Ginger swing
Lingered long
Scrumping apples from a poison field
Unearthing wounds scars have long since housed
Roots revealed, of the wounded charms, marinated & resurrect
Marvels fold, as silence grows much too loud
Burdened by echoic dynasties deepened by a quivered cobble
If a monster was made to be,
Shaped by molds buried deep in me
Imagined from a lifetime of composite imagery
Grow it would
Strong and weak
Bold yet meek
Craving but withdrawn
Pummels then crawls

Caffeinated scales trickle through
Each and every part of a piece of you
Isolations emerge through silent reprieve
Far yet finalized stars of fizzled dreams
Rusted rivets atop hinged wings
A procession praised by violating sage
Storked flight, into smolder, out of lie,
Vicarious thoughts of songs never played inside
Calyx aback yet severed strong
Dusty vision through veils floral
Sore thumbs pretend to mend
I hate the emptiness that waits for me, on the lonely streets of dawn


  1. when emptiness is replaced by sunshine, a lovely day is made.

    well written sentiments, keep it up.

    join us within an hour, have fun!

  2. How one can love the emptiness not knowing what they are missing, then once they have it, no longer love the emptiness. It's interesting how perceptions can change like this, another well done piece.

  3. in the stanza on the monster it moves opposite of what one might suspect, from strength to otherwise...i like that...the progression to from the opening line to the close and their contradiction is also nice...seriously i read this earlier and had to think on it all day...

  4. Thanks Jingle, I'll post a few in a bit, thanks for stopping by

  5. Pat, I thanks for the visit and great feedback as usual, I appreciate your comments, thanks:)

  6. Brian, thanks for the visit, really appreciate your comments. Glad you like this piece. Yeah the monster section is supposed to shift the tone, glad to hear you saw it that way, glad it worked out the way I planned. Thanks again:)