Tuesday, July 12, 2011


…And to the absconder
With brittle emotion
Allowed to soften
This arid clay
         Fabric façade of mystery
         Decamped without a track

Met a girl
Named vaccine
I thought she’d cure my every thing
Unfortunately allergens would stake their claim
Inflictions too deep to heal
Bequeath alone in sovereign
Steam rising
Neck arched
Noticing lack of evaporate
One day it shall meet the face

Walked the hollow
To fulfill
A destiny fated incomplete


  1. "Met a girl named Vaccine. I thought she'd cure my everything" - wickedly clever. Love that line!

  2. ha. this is a rockin verse..a girl names vaccine...intriguing...not too many people out there that can heal another in such a way...

  3. Fountains, thanks for the visit, glad you enjoyed the piece. Yeah I was aiming for something a little off in this one. Just having some fun. Again glad you appreciated it:)

  4. Brain, thanks for stopping in, really glad you caught this one, had been thinking, mixing and mashing thoughts together, thought it would interesting to handle the concept of healing in an off way. Glad you appreciated this and enjoyed the piece:)