Monday, July 18, 2011

By Grift

By grift, be gone
By grift, be gained
Mentioned sound
Third dimension spinning wheel
Stretching shuffled soft in herds
As borate auctions surly spoke
Languages feverishly unclothed
Oiled canvas
Blood-curled eye
Soaking stains and drenching dyes
Across the parse realm of dream
Into a stripped passage spot
Marked for storage and
Blinded by the vulgar crypts of time
The warnings often told us of-
Compartmentalized into blacks and reds
Backgammon ploy upon a game of life
Feudal, fragile beguiled in our oversights
By grift, all gone
By grift, all gained


  1. I like how you went from blacks and reds to "backgammon ploy upon a game of life" I never thought backgammon, my mind went to roulette. But that's what makes it great, as it's so interchangable, yet keeping it's meaning. Love the opening grift and ending grift too.

  2. heh, yeah there are few real tricks to this game, it seems the more tried are often all goes back in the box in the end...

  3. Pat, I can easily see the roulette image popping into your head, and to be quite honest I'm surprised it didn't pop in mine while writing this, backgammon did, which works, but I also like the way the ending would be changed with a game of chance instead of a game that does take some skill to play. Glad you enjoyed the piece, and thanks for the alternate ending possibility, perhaps a B-side/outtake lol

  4. Brian, I hear that back in the box, nice way of putting it, but you're right there are very few "real" tricks, and failure is linked to the success of the "tricks" which, perhaps is linked back to the "real" nature of them. Both you guys get me thinking tangentially with my own work, love it, thanks,