Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Projected Cat

A                                                                                                A
Cat                                                                                         Cat
Is an                                                                                   Is an
Animal                                                                             Animal
That purrs                                                                    that purrs
When happy                                                               when happy
Meows its hellos, loves because it knows not else so it meows a hellos
Historically presented as this nocturnal fiend, bonded to the hands of
Witches and the mentally deranged, yet cats can be very good friends
Slight they might.                  It’s just their way.                The way of
Their kind, love to                 them is truly blind               sometimes
They just have trouble showing exactly how much the depths of their
Loving goes.  They cannot pretend, they run away to return, announce
Their entrance with pride and                 mirth, beckoning their love
In ways other animals wouldn’t        think, ramming their heads into
Your leg, scratching their claws upon your bed, not intending to harm
You or your things, they are simply content to live with thee.  Cats are
Friends you’ll love to hold, friends who retract their claws when in your
Arms, yet when fear                                        strikes them off guard
Unfortunately your arm                                         might feel their hold, it
Stings for time until the alcohol shelters you.  But it must be spoke
That cats are not intending to harm you, in fact they will return from
Underneath the couch, rub between your seated legs, do a few laps of
This before the jump into the lap of you, purring so loud that you feel nothing ill of the long red scratch upon your arm, the purr makes you
Feel com

Well, this didn't actually come out the way I had initially intended, but nonetheless I'll share it regardless.


  1. ha...that is ok...its artsy and you tried...that is how genius is born right?

  2. Yeah, ya know it looks a lot better in word, even more so on paper, for what it's worth the blogger interface screwed up the way it looks. Sure I could've changed the font and a few other things, but this probably will sound bad, I just didn't feel like it. Lol. But you're right trying is how genius is born. Actually I've read on numerous occasions that if you work creatively you will fail more times than you succeed, but if you choose not to try you fail every time, or something to that effect. Thanks for the visit and thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate that

  3. Yeah I've been there stupid blogger just messes it up. Great job though, of course love that you went with the cat. Took me a second to clue in on the whole it's a cat face, but well worth an attempt.

  4. I thought it was very cute. I love cats and find so much comfort in their purring =)

  5. Pat, yeah right, frustrating. Did another one for a dog, but it didn't come out anything worth showing to people. lol Yeah figured it was worth the shot, thanks:)

  6. Mindlovemisery, thanks, I appreciate that, I'm a big animal guy, love their just being there. Dogs are great but theres just something about cats I like, the purring is really nice, I have two, one purrs automatically, literally non-stop it seems, the other one, well he will be rarely, he's got some issues though, so when he does he sounds like a sputtering engine, cute but kinda funny too:)