Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Relapsing away from

Cracks of steel
                  Shimmer white do the walls
Plastic revelations, reveal a twist of mind,   feel
Alive, that very moment, best you’ve felt----injected
&       Here it is, once again, once again           Now comes
A Reckoning   hour  I won’t recall, as who am I grows small

Fact or dreaming                       inflicted by
The         Flash*********Words            appeal
Bulb bright- bulb red
C r a c k l e
         C R A C K L E  L O U D
                  Spin(nips)(pins)(ipns)(ispn) SPIN
Out     An Arial,   from crac ks you enLARGED
          With      1st         gaze

Out                                            side


  1. ah now this is art...love it, great word play!!!

  2. Brian, so glad you enjoyed it. Projective verse is very fun, I'd do more of it but it takes a certain mood to nail one down. Wish I had more moments like I did when writing this. Especially glad you picked up on the wordplay, which is something I enjoy more than anything else when writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  3. Bluebell Books, thanks for replying to the post. Creative, is such a powerful word and says so much to me. I greatly appreciate your comment, thanks.

  4. So cool! I wish I was able to utilize such style

  5. mindlovemisery, thank you so much for the kind words. You can, anyone can, compose projective verse. They're a blast to write and not as difficult as one might think. Projective verse is a style where the words on the page reflect the senses they project. I start off by writing the poem. I then read it over. If I feel it has a lot of words that can be toyed with I start changing things within the poem, font, size, spacing etc. I keep changing things and then save every time I like what I see. I don't find myself doing them as often as I may like, probably because the poem written seems to fit another style better. I guess my suggestion would be to play around with certain poems you've already composed and see what you can get. Just my thought, but again glad you enjoyed this poem