Friday, May 6, 2011

The Fallacy of Winter

The Fallacy of winter
Palatial throngs of sharpened steel,
The pictures forming a hearts reveal,
Upon a stage- I cannot bend- Time
Another second since
Coercion of acuity
Visions appear as reality
Grounded in reasons learned
Rooted in foundations earned

Stories, Tales, Yarns and lore
Demystified- Justification of the unexplained,
Mysteries to resolve, Questions without restraint
Answers demand the psyche to walk the plank
Plunge into- Forbidden, darkly lit,
Incarcerated territories/Excavation of harbingers reap

At times necessity stirs the pot
Striking hot the coldest match
Open yawn, gaping pawn
Lowering into a world you know too well,
Down the staircase, unlocking uncanny plots that stall
You push forward,
Moving outward,
Opening channels sealed before-
You thought it would be too long a period between,
Yet each collaborations claw-hammer, picked away
At the dormancies of hibernating connections deep
Eyes gloss over in a swirl of grey
Impaired process impart each day
A separation of mind and state
Prohibiting Jin litter the causeways truncated for brevity

Moments of weakness linger
As the rawness of the supernatural lurk
Shadow beings with talons ripe with ravaged misguidance
I listen to voices; weigh each word from each of them

Moments of fear,
Twisting, turning, languishing
Broken wisdom pronounced in an all-encompassing syllabic blend
Babel, Towering high,
Levels, tiers, floors of glass
The fragility of the sirens song,
Bludgeon quick the escapists rhyme

Tears run wistful down
Ravines of flesh painted lines
Nooks and crevice carved from time
Wandered unnoticed through each mine
Avoiding directly,
Feeling completely

Time caught within
A kaleidoscopic whirl of wind
Avenues, paths, roads and trails
Wrap around the veils of scars
Piecing together the lavishly velveteen
Parts of causality-guilt ridden requisitions
Merging with thought cognition

And then a sparkle gleams the eye
Revelations found in a deadly day
You understand, you cannot believe,
Yet deciphering has always been your one infallibility

With reacquisition possible
Directionality steers you toward
Toolkits-dimensions yet explored
Where the plausible is flawed
Where the rationality is ignored
Painting, streamers blend the streets
Stepping off a rainbow,
Unicorns creep close, then gallop off with cheetah speed

Standing like Christ once did,
Without the backbone of wood
You feel the stars as those nails could
Watching all things observable
It all goes against everything you’ve ever believed

This is the fallacy of winter,
The fallacy it brings
Encumbered by the rules of man
You fail to absorb the fragmental peace,
Offered in each oddly shaped but beautiful diagram

This is the incubus, the chanticleer for wisdoms start,
This is the incubus, the first beat of a legends heart,
The backstory filled with anything
The plot not developed-ever expanding

Specialized detail of laws redefined
Altered shading for distempered lens
A demeanor reissued,
The absolute minimum we fail to speak
Comes a chamber from which sleep breathes
The fallacy of winter could have never seen
Impossibility dismissed, is a future won

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