Saturday, May 7, 2011

6 Short Poems, Distracted, Parched, Glimmering Moisture, Tapenade, Betrayed by Eyes, and Insecurity behind Security

Heading to a fire fight
Forgot to load, left rounds behind,
I was far too busy contemplating,
All the things I’d do when I get home

Parched yet not awake
Grabbed a small glass
But stuck it in the ice cube space
Tiny reminders, crushed and cubed,
Why one should not participate until daylight looms

A stars glimmer moistening
Away to bridge the loop
Finding Zen without abandoning serenity,
And there it was, as it always was

Terror paints the damned,
A tapenade of unrest,
Salvation is an option, even to evil men,
Salvation is an option, especially as death nears

Douse veils placed upon
Pyres born from lies,
As love dies, tears betray
With last smoke, wave goodbye,
Signals sent into the night

Ripe of insecurity
Without her castle,
Her future would be ripe with uncertainty,
If she were like you or I,
Lower the drawbridge let the subjects in

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