Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 Twitter Poems from 5-10-11, Timeless, The Crowd(from Mywordwizard prompt), Labeled, A question of and Stone Face

A haggard wisdom
From hairline to chin
Like rings on a tree
Timelessness betrayed by time

The crowd would not disconnect
A mass of wires firmly stitched
Absorbing the messages affixed
From these words,
Each understood,
United, they must persevere
In unity, they would survive

How do you label me!
Claiming an evil tongue I used
Without questioning your own ears
Perhaps you lost your way
Due to a lifetime of coddling blame

Just because I speak a language you cannot know
Even though your spirit is not your own
You have no right, to disassemble mine

Face of Stone
Deploring home
Neighborhood children have their lore
Crocodile tears and Cheshire grins
Erode the best parts of him

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