Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post Possession

In merit
Coward still

The face that belittles you
Each day you pray the mirror breaks

His words
His voice
But stranger just the same

Blotters filled with ink and lines
I watch as the words twist the vine
Dazed, if not for uncertainty,
A decision I might make,

Against the grain,
Most of life,
At this point,
Care not what the shadow claims

Determined to take hold
Regain supremacy
Reclaim my flesh made throne
I crawled beside the pine made frame
Clasped my hands and prayed
Words soft, words precise
God, send your angels down tonight
Assist me in this possession
Before the loss is complete

Silence as lids peeled free
An air embellished my position
Clearing a path, well lit and clean
Not a peep, not one snicker from within

Was that all I should’ve done?
Long ago, long back when
But that was a different time
He responded when I spoke to him

Light was bright within the chamber
In the mirror I saw my face again
Thank you, I chanted loud
War torn skin formed a reflection,
  A smile I swiftly embraced

Then I saw the skin shift shape
As the dimples remained wrinkled upon my face
Without speaking, my voice addressed me once more-
“I could not hold out any longer….
You wished for angels,
Well they are not free,
I once was chief of them,
And to this day,
Their will still belongs to me"

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