Monday, May 16, 2011

2 Cryptich poems and a definition of

A Cryptich is a three lined poem.  Each line contains one and only one word.  Therefore the Cryptich contains a total of three words.  Each word should be unrelated, or at least a third or fourth cousin removed from each other.  These poems seemingly are chaotic, random and/or blind.  But somehow, like a good riddle or puzzle, rhyme and reason, solutions and resolutions appear in this cryptic 3 word puzzling poem. That said, the three words may be just 3 random words.  The poet does not reveal his/her intention to the reader.  The answers form from within he/she who reads the Cryptich.  

Plastic/ Vulgarity / Chlorophyll

Ambrosia/ Elevator / Pomegranate

I will be including more and more of these neat little poems from time to time.  If interested in a wide variety of this type of poetry,head over to twitter and either search #cryptich or follow @cryptich

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