Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Grocer

1:00am Arrive on sight
1:05 Last inhale of the but you lit before the ride
1:10 Unlock the door and enter
1:15 Back of store, punch card in
1:20 Meander to and from awaiting the boys to help stock the shelves
1:28 The boys arrive, much more energy than I had guessed
1:45 Inventory lists reviewed and sections divided
2:00 I hear them laughing, as I place can upon can in the soup aisle
2:15 I feel something is wrong, no peep from them in 15 minutes now
2:30 With meat securely under glass case, I meander to the other side
2:35 I see them there, stocking shelves with the greatest of care
2:40 They see me watching, I make up an excuse
2:45 I realize my years on the overnight, have skewed my vision of the                      young
3:00 I revisit my pessimistic train of thought, and realize not everyone has a work ethic as poor as mine

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