Monday, May 23, 2011

Various Poems posted on Twitter


Linoleum / Caveat / Harness

Senators / Tribute / Bullets

Clutch / Amber / Confessional

Prose Poem

I went for a walk. Clarity was the aim.  Distraction is to blame. Without focus, we’re left watching squirrels in trees.


Chartreuse mist of meaning
Governed by a twisting vein
Alarms and developments
Events that spawn,
Persist through dawn
As the rooster woos the day

The Deceiver
Wrapping coils, to unsuspecting kin
Begs spurred from hunger
It spies an otter wading
As parricide appears

Devalued Glimmer
Stripes of outer pulse
Glorious repercussion
Demystification of golden halls
I wander
Through them all

As the macabre raps
At a window by the bed
Best leave curiosity for dream
Only God knows what’s behind the pane

Cats in a window
Observing other cats
They see them as free
They want that so badly too
But cats can’t understand
The woes of parenthood

Gems washed with care
Bubbling brilliance everywhere
A prism of hope for all to share
A gentle gliding
Dreaming in

Lyrically unwind
Blight or chorded delight
When lost for words
In music, something you’ll always find


Fumbling out
Enclosed mental pen
Secrets roam

Portobello, yum
Savoring the taste to tongue
A La Deriva

Spiny reaches out
Ossein dreams converted


Guards blood  
stained interior

Six Word Lines

Feline Shaman purrrify all their litter

InfanTILE, applied with paste, new foundations

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