Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twitter Variety Pack


Every Facet
All Around
Competing for attention
Jumping out of skin
To make a crack begin
Before the frown freezes in

Trinkets in grass
The mouse stored
To and From
Scampering ground
Circling above
A vulture roams


Two boulders rest by Giant’s form
A shadow of past
Awaits the awakening of future’s door
A trance of hope

A walk through
A glow beneath
Pleasant yet frightening
Noises from inside
Looking back I swear to see
The marble, move as well

Crickets sing
Beneath billowed brush
Upon familiar conversation
While stirring tea with a child’s spoon

Been a long time
“saw you just the other…”
Yet we didn’t speak
A glimpse
Longer for me, than for you
Framework of…poetry


Kettle barrel deep
Tympanic resolutions
Attuned beyond sound

Mindful confidence
For departed rattling chains
Unbound voyaging

Goldfish swimming laps
Waiting for the hawk to clear
Surfacing, Koi-ly

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