Sunday, May 15, 2011

My once and future love

My future love…
Locks enflamed by furnace heat
Her heart is pure,
         It gives even while asleep
Her skin is soft and addictive to touch
         A pasty white I love so much,
Her eyes are cauldrons of desire
         They drag me in and pull me near
Her voice is a symphony awaiting an encore
         Words may be few, but each syllable packs a scene
Her smile- cute and shapely as a line
         Tilted sideways some of the time
         Only flashing her pearly whites, when the moment is absolutely right
Her form, out of respect I will dot discuss
Her body with mine I dare not delve
Her passion and wisdom beyond the scope
         She talks of love yet dreams of ghosts
         She speaks of grammar yet her slang is finer
She’s down to earth
         But her earth alone
                  Not the kind we’ve been taught to know

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