Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Gathering of Less-Than-Equal Gentlemen

Ding-Dong, questions exacerbate like clogs on W. Ninth
Keepers and courters alike, Bolting Fastidiously away, young quake
A-weight explained is a game, so circular in name, a whey unmeasured is plebian, if not Mimicked in vain- Preposterous, A poltergeist I surely am not- Look tight cheeks, white teeth, a firm freeman’s grip- Do not underpin the moment with intention of swine, I am your senior, so please, for the women and children eavesdropping in, treat me with respect, and I shall do so in kind.  So aware, yet at this time misquoting severely, in arrived the scoutmaster so lasciviously lurking. And time not trivial to any of them, from the darkened veil of sunlight’s shielding vine, the elder statesman of troop four-five-six-nine instinctually chimed both in posture and presence, “if you indeed are Troubadour in wit, Ian alone I shall from here forth be known”-Parsnip and Persephone moving from cabin to pit, dreaming of dark knights while preaching to pessimistic cattle whom exclaim
Possession is six-seventh the law in certain Altruistic states/I for one do not care for mango near any dish-Dinner, lunch, Breakfast or Brunch, I would rather a rooster’s crown, in fact, perhaps a lemming would frown- To such an extension of quintessential darts thrown, Perhaps the detectives have always known-
Limbo, bimbo, pecking at paws, Lemurs, femurs broken at jaw
Triggers can’t Rigor when sipped through a flexible straw-else the result a hydrated apocalypse, and bubble and drip will the picture be, pulling at wind, wriggling teeth, all the same sheltering shade above the glass holding the teasing lemonade
Varicose vectors, a voluptuous shame,
For Kings
The choir bell clangs
While some poor sap in some fourth estate relaxes in gravy some milking maid acquired through dirty chores made

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