Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A fatal flaw exists and should
Be analyzed for a true reason why
Is it proper, is it right
To sign a paper, ending life
Hate to tell you
But this happens every day

Intense washing
We thought we were safe from this
Last time this took place
It still would be two since the idea of me took place
I cannot understand
I refuse to listen
To talk of greater good
Life is life
Family is family
Homes are homes
Outside, inside a magic line
Cross the dot and crown the king
Middle aged thought refined
Kill the outlook for political gain
Going forward
All we’ll hear
Is all the lives been saved
Yet the message of wrong and right
The message of what’s been done
Will rarely surface in its truest light
How strong a message to those with ears
Population control in the USA
This time I imagine the rebuild will be ever more estranged


  1. beautiful

    check out short story slam today. hope to see your participation.

  2. Bluebell Books, I checked your site out. You have much to offer any who like stories. However I tried to submit a short story based on the balloon image, but for whatever reason It wouldn't fly. I'll try again later, perhaps it will allow me in later, or I'll figure out if I was doing something wrong. Thanks again for your reply to floodgates, I appreciate your doing so very much. Thanks