Monday, May 16, 2011

A Ritual for the Reformation of Damaged Spinal Cords

1.             Return to three years back, before the fall, prior to the damaged bones
2.            Pinch these nerves numb no more
3.            Enable movement day or night
4.            Deny the pain that comes with spinal strife
5.            Ignore the detractors
6.            Believe your life will straighten soon
7.            Endure these harsh, harsh days
8.            Search always for alternatives
9.            Allow faith to hold your hand
10.        Keep your chin held high
11.        Picture the day you will no longer need the pills you take like candy bites
12.        Move towards this place each and every day and night
13.        Trust yourself.  Trust the plan that God has made for thee
14.        Understand, sometimes injuries occur for no other reason than to strengthen us
15.        Live your life, do not allow the pain to hinder it
16.        Imagine those three years have been given back to you

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