Sunday, May 29, 2011

When it comes to family, make every moment count

I’m sorry we’ve lost touch,
Your words helped mold a shapeless form,
Your lips preferred brevity,
Yet when crossroads peak,
And only one prong would benefit,
It does seem I opted wise

I believe, I truly do,
That it was you directing me through,

I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused,
The lost space and time,
The overtures again and again
Over and over,
You sacrificed what you loved,
In order to rescue me,
From tear stained cloaks I wore,
To dire straits I may have crossed,

I believe, I truly do,
I’d be lost, if it weren’t for you

I regret every disrespectful deed,
Born from my action,
Yet it was some other boy,
Possessing me, stealing voice,
But this confession matters not,
These understandings you already knew,
Never once did I sink,
Not one step,
Not a second spent in thought,
Your unyielding forgiveness,
Did not spoil, like some would claim,
Instead I grew vast,
I learned what family means,
Forever more,
I’m stronger for,
I only wish I knew then, what I do now,
Never could I have guessed,
More time between us would not be spent,

That last time,
I forgot to admit my love for you-
But this, I believe, I truly do, you already knew


  1. What a sad, thought-provoking tribute.

    "Yet when crossroads peak,
    And only one prong would benefit,
    It does seem I opted wise

    I believe, I truly do,
    That it was you directing me through,"...very profound.

    This speaks of love, forgiveness, understanding and words unspoken.

    Simply beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing and for coming by my blog.

  2. Andy, I enjoyed what I read on your site, I'll be sure to visit again. I'm glad you appreciated this piece. I was thinking about writing something for memorial day, dealing with the departed. My intention was to compose something along the lines of an elegy to the fallen who sacrificed themselves for our safety. Well, as it often happens, the muse had something else in mind. Sat down and started and I had to pursue this unintended course. I like what came out. Really glad you enjoyed it as well. Thanks again for your feedback and very analytical response, something I value very much. Thanks

  3. Beautifully poignant poem that reminded me of my mother's untimely death and our loss.
    And thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

  4. faith is important.
    love the repeating lines,
    masterful write.

  5. Kathe- Thanks for your comment, it means a lot. The beauty with poetry it's so subjective, the reader paints their own portrait in their mind as they read. I had my grandmother in mind when I wrote this, so I'm so glad you were able to relate it to your own loss. Keeping those who have passed alive through memory is something we forget some days, as time passes, so I thought it nice to compose something that would, in a way, pay homage and let them know we still remember. :) Your welcome re: your blog comment, I wouldn't have posted if I didn't mean it, I did enjoy:)

  6. Jingle, thanks again for what you do for the poetic community. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece, it means a lot to me:)

  7. This is so beautiful. Tender, vulnerable, and heart felt a wonderful tribute to family

  8. Mindlovemisery, again thank you for the response. I believe family to be the one constant in this world. Unfortunately some are not as blessed with families that feel the same way, or have circumstances to intervene negatively on their familial mindset, but for me It is priority number one, above myself. This piece really is about the vulnerability you mention, how at any moment things can change, so cherish your family, every moment you have to enjoy them. thanks again:)

  9. A beautiful story, sad and yet redeeming. Certainly a lovely tribute to family.

  10. Jessica- I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. I do appreciate you stopping by and dropping a comment, thanks :)