Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Numbness

Double helix, connected naught,
Synaptic integrity, divisive-lost,
Surging symptomatically, tightening brindle’s grip,
Who’s to blame, purging this apprenticeship?

Cylindrical cycle of crimson red,
Violent exposure to words unsaid,
Accentuated flux sucking clean,
A once constricted grasp careens,

A dream concocted from clay and sand
Intricate nuance betrayed by plan,
Valhalla’s arrival, at long last,
But first, a hero’s shadow I must cast,

The war within, the fight to live,
Apostolic effigies drained by sieve,
A war internal, its fragment’s break,
Which path should a shadow take?

Untold measures preach and spout,
Plausible deception sheltering doubt,
Crawling bandaged, along withered walls,
Crevice crumbling, hope- sputters, stalls,

Mesmerized by crushing dawn,
Puppet strings to wounded pawn,
Surreal focuses accost,
Past and future lines are crossed,

Blinded parallels,
Nuance’s known too well,
A vicious corrosion time does tell,
Forgotten baseline for a damaged shell,

God of thunder, God of War,
End this suffering, Ares, Thor,
Sinew strapping limbs with ease,
Convictions, corrections, I cannot appease,

A fragile illusion, possessing slow,
Embers floating just below,
Rerouted forth and back,
Premise diluted by deluged attack,

Trapped like beast, within a cage,
Key dangling, beyond reach, inspires rage,
A throne in Hell awaits my seat,
No pomegranates left to eat,

Non-existent reprieve,
Colliding rhythms, myopic disease,
Separate-Reignite, I tyrant, I slave,
Chaotic ramblings of laws once paved,

Save me now, save me here,
 Forfeiture, I’ve let go of fear,
Legacy surrendered, a shallow rendition,
Bed of coals burning skin, feeling nothing in this condition

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