Friday, May 13, 2011


All alone- just dust and chrome,
Free to be-to see-to be,
Anything I choose to,
Free to roam-anyplace-any land

I choose the safest pathway toward,
I look to each side first, East-West-South & North,
If precepts of threat antagonize-
If instabilities shadow shows-A glimmer-a glimpse into

Averting eyes before they see
The dangerous crawl of serpentine feet,
On beds of sand they burrow deep
Split tongue-rapid progression-snapping tail-slither on
Skin sheds the tides away- unspoken- redressed memories
Temptation flickering

If I see it coming
React I must

Better blindsided-bludgeoned-from behind
Than to enlist the presence of such a mechanism,
A defense-a preservation- a shield’s embrace
Protection spurring instinctual intention,
As the metamorphic clutch spreads throughout

Once installed the process cannot be reversed
No reformation or pills to return

Once the venom swims in vein
The transformation leaves no trace
No memories left- each erased
Wreckage without the guilt
Damaged plans this home was built

Becoming what was once despised
A fallen angel with blasphemers’ eyes

Hands of man
Talons drawn
A possession of the fragile flesh
An invitation-an Invasion from within

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