Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Destined to Die

Destined to die
In the middle of this room
Wall crumbling
Down upon
Leaving us with these feeble sounds

Destined to die
Here we are
Destined to die
Here and now

Having pity for us now,
Dilutes the length we’ve come
So far to travel, only to be humbled
This close to the trophy case

If you must pity us
Then remember
Those who confront death
Are filled with pity for the rest of us

Destined to die
In this realm
You and I
Paralyzed from an evil spell
Brought us two separate paths
A woman was so eager to explore

Destiny unfolds
Our fate resolved just the same
Ire constricting
Time disassembling

Innocence circumvents
The arrows, Carotid sent
The untimeliness of situation
A port of call
Our protocol
Weaponless and washed aside
Destined in this room to die
Blight brought upon a sandy scene
Invigorated through the absurd
Feelings you share, minutes before
Seconds from, Hours past
Destinies lost and death holds you in his arms
Reaper-less he needs none
Squeezing life from within

Hoodwinks gone so we can watch
The breath fizzle before the heart,
Much longer than the thoughts we pass

Destined to die
I pray for penance now
Understanding if I don’t make amends with God
The next life will be far worse than the lessons this one earned

Destined to die
Here and now
In this room
Flesh will fall
Upon the floor
Withering away
On the ground of this eternal tomb

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