Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sauntering Through

Sauntering through tiers within
Trouble resurrects in variety
From poltergeists of familiarity
To vampires within family
Dots aligned
Fates entwined
Superstitious carriage strolling along

Reignite the barrier
Blockades a façade
Mish-mash and a hodge-podge
Reflections built from imaginary memory
Rationalization contrived from the irrational
I however am not composed at all
Filter faster/ flitter forth
Broader still a base exposed
Acetone surrounds the tonality shroud
Mesmerized by this and that
Fact or fiction bricks lay flat
Crevice trembles as knaves fall
Floating swans across mirrored lakes
Confidence was never the question
It was the action ability of the stakes

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