Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Foiled Again

Content, new and bold
Scavenging the empty space
Removing dust from unlikely and old
A carousel, a wishing well
Either suits the backdrop fine

Pins drop
Sparkling shine 
An airtight alibi
Wrapped in cellophane

Ulcers ready once again
Feeble foible
Between prince and thief
Another penny, cast away
Merry-go-round, A carousel of light
Anyone can replicate
The hymn of a childlike melody

Acorns falling
Bristles of pine
A suspected delinquency
Caressed in tinfoil drapery

Empathizing yet again
The glimmer of memory
Remain much longer
Than childhood friends most often do
Escaping ribaldry, sidestepping residue

Words omitted from the page
Misfortune of the completed phrase
Incomplete thoughts, incomplete outlines
Protected in bubble wrap

Perimeters contained
A waxy buildup along the frame
A wrinkle in the saran
At days end, foiled again

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