Sunday, May 8, 2011


From what was told as not to be,
Denied, no, she would not be,
From a speck buried so deep,
A soul did form,
Momentum would then carry thee

Throughout the process
Through each stage,
Tiny patters within
Flesh, not mine, but the same as me

Ossein expanding, growing strong
Pushing forward into dawn
Spirit blossomed until the breach,
And ever after, blossoms still, every day, all and each

Wisdom crawling in your grasp, reaching,
And then comes a severed pause,
And smiles formed as you first screamed

Joys of teardrops never known
Pains of labor, a fruit your own
And now you kick and gnaw
Prod and pull, screaming loud
To fill the ravenous empty
Desiring milk to comfort your lack of sleep

Center-stage; exit none,
Commanding audience from the coldest heart
Desolation distracted in your keep
A face so glowing, driest eyes tick than start
Futile preservation, arid stares begin to weep
In laughing bellows, the tapestry changes some

Transformation of flesh and skin
What you’ve done you can’t begin…
Unannounced, but well preserved
A world of darkness, light is nil
Yet in the eyes, you shine still
A fatal flaw in composition, you have unnerved

Smiling at passing words
Sentences composed of murmured verbs, in silly voice,
One could wonder, if you cheer the wording choice,
Or smile loudly because of pride,
To see all the love that surrounds your life
Or perhaps it’s as simple as, you choose not to ignore,
All of loves’ grand accomplices

Parting words I speak now,
Your predilection for this soul
Has cracked a crevice into a forlorn world
And shed a sheathe of hope throughout

Purified, as you are today,
Original sin now cast aside,
No one can deny the purity that I’ve always seen,

As I walk, each of these days
With you near, I view the world in different ways
Happiness may still be far,
But with you in my arms; with you in my life,
I can think of nothing else

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