Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shuffled Sadness, Shallow Breathing, Awful Curtain & Harmless Predators

Bare bone knuckles
Colored rings
Happy sadness shuffling
Can’t stop wisdom
It is alight
Can’t stop desire
It obeys our might
Corrupt core can not be changed
Only diffused through mind mapped altering
Little green
How you’ve destroyed all I’ve seen

Miles spent in exaggeration
Eyes caress a silky bend
Motions repeated by bare hand
A repercussions’ well pronounced desire felt
Crash kit ready, near me now
Shallow breathing, as world’s escape
Into, out from
A lightning storm
Enlightenment yearned/starved
Faded revelations I can’t recall
Twisted from the unascertainable
Random tricks with coins procured
Tokens, of memories unjustly earned

Belladonna on the tongue
Shaded eve for damaged love
Rising in pace, step into
Breathe deep and stimulate
Eucalyptus dreams to come

Awful curtain
Shielding nothing
For all to see
Shine on me
Lackluster lulling the warmth away
Sunlight inhibition
Sleep and dream

Vocal expressions of the hunted
Scent inspired Masquerade
Pheromone-like lure
You’re detractor
My endeavor
Trap set by “harmless” predators

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