Monday, May 2, 2011


A blender churns throughout
Rotten mixtures and pre-ordained views
Batter thick, Stirred for some time
Now’s the hour
Your worth, our lives, on finely weaved lines

When deposed I will, must speak the heart
Yet this is an agony which tears it me
I am betwixt and between
For I know the man and I know the means

I have seen each side of you
The silhouette of devastation and choices ill advised
The portrait of the one who will save us all

So when asked, I do not know
What words I’ll use
What ways I’ll spell
If forced to answer this time now
Perhaps I’d simply claim
I know what you can
As well as what you will not do
But I’d much prefer to avoid the hearsay
And years from now, exclaim, remember when

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