Sunday, June 5, 2011

Revenge of Gristle

A corroding stocking full-
Lambskin and beet-turnip chutney-
Wafting through the innards notching,
Latched below and sifting,

A seemingly lucid gristle-
Wriggles vigilantly to-
Space within-
Draining a proportional,
Siphoning-transferring-stealthily becoming,

Only the charismatic few-
Understand the where and how,
Half will never render-
A decision leading –
To a journey’s end-

A series-
Channels of aggressive introspective-
By rivers trickling-
 A fortnight table’s overflow-
 Of diseased stocking enjambments-
Rancid, spoiling-
A foul rendition
Raping with its overture-
While the gristle hid and watched-
Wrinkling nose-
A sacrifice
To observe
A satisfactory condition-
For what they’ve done-
For what we’ve lost-

And so-
The gristle glistened-
Soaked and unpleasant still-
Cadaverous smile-
Liver to lung


  1. Great jagged, staccato feel to your lines that also express tactile sense extremely well.

  2. holy snap...prob the most vivid imagery of the night at one shot...shivers...agh...well that will still be with me in the morning...smiles.

  3. "only a charismatic few understand the where and the how"...and perhaps ever so many people are deluding themselves, turning the other cheek, covering their eyes and ears, unwilling to face what is now before them.."for what we've lost" can say that again...

    a very deep and analytical poem...the abstract presentation leaves me forever gazing back at your words again and again...

    i love the freedom you allow yourself, as i believe poetry has no limitations...


  4. Yes few understand the where and how
    And your words really give a wow
    Really strong precense too
    Enjoyed this write by you

  5. Dustus thanks for visiting. Really appreciate your stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the piece and also glad I, in your eyes, achieved the jagged and disjointed rhythm I was aiming for. thanks:)

  6. Brian, really glad to have you visit again. That's a great compliment I did a bunch of reading last night and their was some really vivid sights. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the piece:)

  7. Janice, thank you for visiting. I'm so glad you enjoyed the piece. I do allow myself a great deal of freedom in my writing. I may have certain ideas in mind when I sit down to write, but once the fingers starts typing or pen hits paper, however it may be, I let the flow take over. You don't always get things you like this way, but typically I've found elements from the "cutting room floor"as salvageable for later down the road. So glad you took the time to comment, I really appreciated your words:)

  8. Pat, was going to reply in rhyme but too early for me right now. But I appreciate all the compliments your words allow. Well guess it wasn't too early anyhow.:) Thanks for the stopping by. And thanks for saying Hi.

  9. Seriously enjoyed this! Fantastic visceral physical imagery...brain says yum yum! to your words and thoughts!

  10. Velvitina-Really glad you enjoyed this piece. It was fun to put together. Thanks again for stopping by, your comments are appreciated and mean a lot, thanks:)