Monday, June 13, 2011

The Desperate Below

From what you love


Heart from head


Reconciliation will be difficult
As distorted voices RISE
Too many nuances
Cyclically returning to the painful remembrance
Of the pain you caused

Variables Shfinitg

Reversing htrae
Y o u d I s t a n c e y o u r s e l f f r o m t h e g r a v e
Trading soul for solace
Albeit temporarily

Never reading:  I knew you wouldn’t
You’ve always skimmed-it’s what you’ve always done
Mi  ing pieces, forgetng the print so fine
Angst remains once the glowing luster loses shine

Forever, for what you’ve done
To unrest in the place you will go
Forever pining-again and more
Forever returning to the days before
Clinging to the happy thoughts
As their pages burn then are lost

The desperate below
Warmly welcomes you


  1. inventive words.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jingle, Thanks for visiting and I appreciate the kind words:)

  3. I like both the style and the substance of this poem. Great job!

  4. Judith, thanks for stopping by. Yeah I like dabbling in projective verse from time to time, I think the style can assist the overall substance of the piece. They obviously take longer to do, but their worth it, yet I don't think I'd want to do or read poem after poem of projective verse, but once in a while I think it breaks things up nicely. I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem, thanks:)

  5. This is very cool I loved the style I had to really focus on the words which I am sure is the point. I do read thoroughly (I am dyslexic if I don't nothing makes a damn bit of sense, it also means I spend hours a day reading poems) but sometimes I think poems are so personal they warrant more than one reading to absorb. It takes me forever to mire through old English! I love the title great poem

  6. Mindlovemisery, thanks for stopping by, really glad you enjoyed the piece. Projective verse is great, it really brings elements within the poem alive, and yeah it makes you stop to smell each word too. Thanks for sharing about dyslexia, It never crossed my mind before, regarding difficulties et al.. I'd be interested to hear what role it plays in your own writing. B/c your work is very, very good, just wonder if it plays a large role, makes it more difficult or not. Like I said I really respect and enjoy your pieces, so having to deal with something like this, makes your work all the more of an accomplishment. Thanks so much for sharing this:)

  7. Loved how the form of the poem served the narrative. Very clever.

  8. Victoria, thanks so much for stopping in and visiting. I really appreciate your comments and really glad you enjoyed this piece. Thanks again:)

  9. this very creative, a style of your own. nicely done :)

  10. JH, thanks that is a tremendous compliment, I really do appreciate it. Great to see you visiting Thanks:)