Monday, June 6, 2011

Right of First Refusal

Right of first refusal
Damage controlling motion sensors
Inhibiting-corrosive-contagions of man
Monopolizing temperature and tepid shear
Bone to joint-back in place

Glad to be of service
I love the work you do
Glad to be alive my friend, don’t you as well
Solvency born of indigence
I love this game
Puzzles rich in history-personalized property-trickled down upon a ridge to the ground back to the societal input point away from the calamity I often revel amidst watching flashfloods depress flame only to reignite in some other face of mine

Hierarchy of didactic resonance
I love this movement
The way it feels as I touch its symbolic clang
The way it wriggles beneath half eaten nails
The honor it pays
The refugee’s connecting-sound and melody

Open spiral port
Hold hatch steady-
Until at least most have reported
Then off you go
Again and again
Passing the township you thought you knew
Diametric point pressure pictured bleak
Exhausted for the thoughts you wear
Weary of the many seconds you’ve just killed-
They cannot return, neither can these-neither can mindfulness-
Craters of anonymity
Broken futile grasps of glower
Newness smell scented armor plated traction device

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