Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing God

Under the lens,
Of some scientific theory,
Dr. Moreau, I presume, in any case, that’s what I’ll be calling you

Who gave you such breadth of power?
What made you; first think to, do the things you do?
How does it feel, pretending, to hang upon the cross?

Don’t defend your position,
Don’t defend your stance,
I’m not interested,
Mind’s all made up,
No, this doesn’t make me, higher than thou,
No, this doesn’t make me holier than you, well, perhaps it does…
It’s just that I don’t feel the need, to argue with the likes of you,

Well, yes it was me, who first assailed you with questions,
But no, answers were never the aim,
Answers were never the intention,
They weren’t really questions,
They were more like implications


  1. Have to love when questions are asked as such but are implied as more of a statement. Nicely done, I know a few of these people, who I just ignore and let them pretend they are all that. Would like to slap a few upside the head though..haha

  2. Pat, thanks again. I hear that, some need a good slap to the head, for their own good, glad you liked it, thanks:)